School Residencies

school residencyConcert performances, Workshops, Lecture- Demonstrations and classes are available.

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Nataraj offers a selection of programming suitable for Grades K-12

ART EVENTS include in-school performances, lecture demonstrations, 3-7 day-long residencies. Dance presentations are integrated with music, language, art yoga, food and social studies to suit the curriculum and provide students and teachers with an in-depth education on the connections between arts and everyday life in India. Teacher guides and resources are provided. Suitable for K-12

RESIDENCY PROGRAMS of three days or longer are presented and developed in collaboration with the teacher/s on specific topics.

Animal tales of India for grades 2-4

Based on well-known PanchTantra stories, this residency introduces elements of dramatic dance, animal schoolrepresentations, rhythmic foot-work, hand gestures and mime within a matrix of music, literature and visual art.  This residency is suitable for the school curriculum, introducing aspects of world culture which complements language arts, social studies, art, music and movement. The residency culminates as an assembly performance by the students. (Recommended length 3-7 days)

MELA –(festival) for grades 5-8

This residency is developed around the village fair, showing the daily life and culture of the people who live in the
villages of India, Colorful, fun and yet complex, this project exposes students to the simple pleasures the folks derive in celebrating rituals of the yearly cycle of an agricultural community where respecting the elements of Nature are of utmost importance. Folk dances, folk arts and crafts, story-telling, making music and respecting the flora and fauna build a sense of community throughout the learning process.  This residency is suitable for the curriculum as students learn dances, play folk instruments, and act out stories. Art-work involves floor and wall paintings, mask-making, construction of toys and implements. Tailored for an older student, this residency project introduces songs, language, geography and village customs in a entertaining way with plenty of interactive participation by the students and teachers.

Other residency themes are developed upon an individual request from the teacher/s.